Guild Activities

Guild Activities

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month (February-November) at Second Reformed Church, 2323 Stadium Dr. in Kalamazoo.  The doors open at 6:15 pm for informal social time, free table, vendors, and demonstrations by our members. The formal program starts at 7:00 pm. The program is an educational/inspirational presentation by our own members, and regional or national speakers.  We usually have 2-3 national speakers per year. Guests are always welcome at our meetings and these lectures may be attended by the general public as well as by our members. A nominal fee is assessed to attend as a guest when we have a national speaker. Sometimes workshops are taught during the day by a visiting national speaker.  The workshops open first to Kalamazoo Log Cabin Quilt members and then to other quilters who are interested.



September 19-20, 2017
Kathleen Andrews, Lecture, Celtic Quilt Designs and Workshop



September program features Kathleen Andrews, from Rochester Hills, Michigan. Kathleen learned many of the needle arts from her mother when she was very young, and was later encouraged by her sisters, who were long time quilters, to try quilting. That was nearly 20 years ago, and today Kathleen is in the quilt business as a pattern writer and designer, lecturer, teacher, juried quilt artist, AQS instructor, and a designer for Anthology Fabrics. See her dynamic quilt patterns which create depth, dimension, movement and optical illusions using strip and speed piecing techniques for easy construction at


The workshop Kathleen will lead on September 20 is based on 3 of her patterns: Convex Illusions, Poppin’ In, or Celtic Layers. Note: You pick one pattern; the three patterns have
common design elements and Kathleen will lead each workshop participant through the pattern of his/her choice. Please submit your registration form and be sure to indicate your choice of pattern so we know how many patterns to order.

October 17, 2017
Debra Richmond, Lecture: New Gadgets for Quilting

Deborah Richmond, from Grand Rapids, will present the program “Latest and Greatest Tools to Help You Improve Your Quilting.” Deborah has been a quilter for 30 years and is the owner of the online quilt shop The Quilted Turtle. She will show us 20 of the best gadgets and tools that will make your quilting better and save you time.  Deborah will show us how she uses the tools, their best features, and tips and tricks that she has discovered. The same products will be available for sale after the lecture

November 14, 2107
Holiday Party and Presentations of Lovees

Our guild celebrates the holiday with an appetizer/salad/dessert potluck.  Following the potluck we present “lovees,”  stuffed animals wrapped in a small quilts, to area  non-profit organizations who deal with with children in trauma.

March 20-21, 2018
Beth Sidley, Lecture and Workshop: Hunter Star and Rapid Fire Hunter Star rulers

April 17, 2018
Nancy Roelfsema, Lecture and Trunk Show: New York Beauty quilts

May 15-16, 2018
Lenore Crawford, Lecture and Workshop

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